Dating as a form of Penetration Testing

People as (vulnerable) infrastructures

Interesting things can be deduced if we consider a human being, a person, as a system, an infrastructure. It is really a generalization that seems too far-fetched while talking about people behaviors but kind of applies… People have there own “policies” (they sometimes are called ethics), responses to stimulus, protocols, a list of other systems that are influential to them and finally vulnerabilities.


Exploiting people and anatomy of an exploit

People have vulnerabilities, just like infrastructures. Those little (or bigger) things that give you a special handle on a person. You surely have seen one being exploited, or you have done that yourself, sometime in your life! This sneaky: “Oh, come on dad, I ‘ll be a good girl, just give me the car keys for an hour“, or the “I ‘ll buy you the Game Boy Color if you pass your English exams with A” (yes, family is a common place for manipulation) is an exploitation. A way to make someone do something that wasn’t supposed to happen. And as an exploitation it resembles anatomically exactly a “Computer Hack”.

For Example, in the above exploit-phrase we can clearly see the Exploit and the Payload :

I ‘ll buy you the Game Boy Color if you pass your English exams with A.

And it is a serious one! The poor little kid, would do anything for a Game Boy, so his mother will make him do something completely irrelevant. It is a Remote Command Execution I tell you!


Application to Dating

Now that I have convinced you that people have vulnerabilities that can be exploited, just like computers, let’s move on to the main topic. Dating, of course!

So, for over a year now, I have the strange feeling, that dating resembles Pentesting a lot. Not offensively, at the bottom line, a white pentest is performed to make an infrastructure better. But in its “phases”, and general ways. Let me explain:

Pentest in a nutshell, in another nutshell

A pentest generally can be broken in 3 phases:

  1. Reconnaissance and general information gathering
  2. Vulnerability Scanning
  3. Exploitation of the target

(Reporting is a nightmare, I won’t mention reporting)

At first we have the target. We know nothing about it, we gather info. Hence “phase 1”. Secondly, we try to deduct possible vulnerabilities from the gathered information, while also searching for ways to use them. Thats “phase 2”. At last, we use our knowledge of the target to exploit it and make it do things for us, if we are blackhats, or report the vulnerabilities, if we are whitehats, so they can be acknowledged and hopefully fixed…

Quite straightforward. Moving on…


 But this is exactly like Dating!

And by “dating” I mean the whole process from single to couple. And it is engaged both sides.

At first we need a target: “That waitress at the cafe. She looked at me, the other day, like… like I don’t know… I like her…”. Mission accomplished! Phase 0 passed!

Phase 1, Information Gathering

  • “So you work here!” (well, duh!)
  • “Aha, a student job, just to pay the rent” (See lives alone, I ‘m gonna cry out of joy!)
  • “So, what’s your name?” (that’s uncommon, see must be from a village or something…)
  • “You chose to study the queen of all sciences!” (Studying maths? see must be a weirdo!)
  • “A quote from Shakespeare was that?” (She is a weirdo for sure!)
  • “And you came in this town to study?” (cross checked, she isn’t from here)
  • “Oh, do you go to this bar a lot? I used to like this place too!” (Now I know where I could find her alone and off her duty…)
  • “You are planning Master Degree on Cryptology? Really?” (Fine, you really got me now! End of conversation, we have a winner)

This is it! We know she is a student, she lives in town, away from parents and home. She mentioned nothing about “friends” or “boyfriends” that is a good sign too. She likes literature and maths. Specifically crypto.

We’ ll see if we can impress her with Information Security geek stuff. Say, the Turing Completeness of the “Ret to LibC” Buffer Overflow or something… Or she could finally explain to me how this fucking AES works… If she knows… Now that I am thinking of it, no person I know can explain this algorithm. Is anybody in the world capable of explaining how this mess works? Sometimes I believe that none is really sure about it. Maybe AES is a big -more like huge- scam. We can’t even tell. Who knows… Lost in my thoughts again! Moving on…


Phase 2, Vulnerability Scanning

*lounge music plays*

Phase 2 is the first date! Discovering each other “Achilles heels” and such happy stuff.

  • “I was with that guy who told me that he didn’t like my hair color, after 2 years. But I had the same hair all along, how did he notice that after 2 years?”
  • “My father left us when I was 8. He moved to Australia and I haven’t seen him since.”
  • “My dog died last week. He was really old, it is alright. But he reminded me that I am gonna die sometime too…”
  • “I caught him with my best friend […] felt so stupid.”

Here are some sample phrases of first date conversations. And conversation is another word for “Active vulnerability scanning” in this case!

Oh, and to be fair: All of this is happening with no evil intentions. Just plain conversation brings up bad situations we have lived, that we want to share, because we want to get the other person to know us better. We want to get closer, and this is the way. Two people talking about their lives. And 2 daemon correlation engine processes running like crazy with nice -20


Phase 3 …

Now we are ready for the exploitation! We know the other’s holes. We just need to fill them. Because this is what relations are all about. IMHO at least. Filling holes, outcasting fears. Patching vulnerabilities. And here is were this theory really shines!

This phase is different for whitehats and blackhats. And the difference is that blackhats will use the vulnerabilities for their purposes, while whitehats will use them to explore further and find as many of them as possible for fixing. For making the system overally better.

And there are blackhat people…

Let’s use the example with the ‘hair color’, quoted above, just for a Proof of Concept! It is obvious that the woman that said that has trouble with it. We can be sure that she doesn’t want to happen again. She maybe tries to avoid it. (We could be talking about this girl in the movie with Jim Carrey…). What would be more valuable to her than just a remark like “Your hair is great!, Don’t touch them again! Love them, no bullshit!”? She could do a lot of things to hear that remark. Did you catch it? Did it slip away? Here goes again:

She could do a lot of things to hear that remark.

Boom! We got a PoC exploit… It is an old CVE though… “Woman appearance” vulnerabilities are old as dust… They are like SQL injections or something… Common at best. And source of all evil…

So blackhats can manipulate this person in a way, make it chase its tail for some sweet words. Again, there are such people.

But what would whitehats do?

Whitehats get there and give away the vulnerability. They don’t care to “have access” to the system afterwards. Nor any way of “Simon says” backdoor. They have no way to fix those issues (the system owner is responsible for the patching), but they are useful on finding them. Their purpose ends on that. And it is really fun doing it too. It is solely based on human communication, maybe the best thing on earth!


Over and out.

maybe next time I ‘ll parallelize a break-up with an Incident Response. I’ll sleep on it…


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