Well, I am John Torakis, this guy on the leftkoyrtzanis.jpg. And this Thinkpad is “Titan“, my beloved laptop.

I am a security enthusiast and independent researcher wanna-be who is currently searching for topics to dive into. This is quite difficult as all the cool things seem already done by others. Yet, I continue my searches in vain.

This blog was created as all of my friends got tired when we met up and I wanted urgently to talk about how great is the idea of the “nmap Idle Scan”, or how well-built Python is, and why an XSS can ruin your site. Or even why PKI seems to me flawed as it is based on trust of untrustworthy entities and blah, capitalism, blah, privacy, blah… At a certain time they couldn’t handle it anymore. “Get a blog man” they yelled at me one after another. And that’s what I did. I got my blog.


Educationally I suck as I haven’t finished college/Bachelor Degree yet. And it is about Informatics. At least I’ve finished school.

Professionally I happen to work as a Security Analyst I am a Security Researcher and Engineer, which for me is “Woohoo“. I am looking at security logs for a living PenTesting Web/Mobile/Native applications and Networks. This leaves me with little time to be a cooker, latin dancer, cinema aficionado, bass player, piano player, CouchSurfer and boyfriend. Sometimes I hope I get fired and get my college life back, but then I step to insanity again and ask for more logs wannabe Security Projects and Internal Penetration Tests.

You can find me here: john.torakis [at] gmail [dot] com (pgp key).  Drop me an email, I’ll happily read you among the Coursera, Instructables, Github, spam, and reply as soon as possible! Promise. My Twitter handle is @operatorequals.

Also here is my Github Page with repos and all. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading my blog. You are saving my friends.